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Why I picked this genre with Tamsin Baker

Why, with all the possibilities, did I write this genre?
Well, firstly you need to know that Bonded Hearts, as all the third bite series are, are Menage, Historical and Vampire. There's a very good reason I have crossed so many genres and that is because I love them all. The third Bite series is an amalgamation of all the things that I enjoy reading and writing.
I've loved vampires since Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse.
I've loved the Regecy period since Eloisa James and Jane Austen.
And I've loved menage since... well about 8 months ago when I joined an erotic writers group and found out that such things existed.
So I thought, why not just throw it all together? Surely someone else must like all the things that I like too. 
The other thing about the menage is that all involves M/M. I can't write menage where the men don't love each other, it feels unnatural to me. This is probably strange and not realistic, but hey, this is my world and my fantasy. So I hope you enjoy Bonded Hearts- the first MMM I ever wrote, but certainly not my last! Because if two heroes are better than one, then three is definitely better than two!

Third Bite, 2 Blurb
 Eric and Malcolm are over nine hundred years old. They love one another but if they do not find their third mate soon, they will both go insane and commit suicide.

At a friend’s ball, the two vampires meet Jackson Essex. A gorgeous young Lord who smells like pure heaven to them both. They want him and crave the mating that will bind them forever.

Jackson has always known he had unnatural feelings and cannot believe it when he meets two male vampires that inspire passion in him. The sex is incredible, but Malcolm and Eric want him to stay with them. They want a relationship with him, and Jackson doesn't want to be a sodomite.

Two vampires on the verge of insanity and their human mate in denial about who he is. Disaster seems to be the only course for the ill-fated trio.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMM), m/m sex

Jackson came back to consciousness with his head in Eric’s lap. The two men were growling at each other in a foreign language Jackson didn’t understand.
What had happened? Had he really passed out from the pleasure? How embarrassing.
“Jackson, are you all right?”
Jackson nodded and began to sit up. Two pairs of hands gently helped him up to a sitting position.
“What happened?” he asked, a little concerned.
Malcolm looked wounded for a moment then straightened.
“I bit you. I’m sorry.”
Jackson tried to be angry. Really and truly he tried. But all he could do was remember the pure pleasure of feeling Malcolm’s fangs sinking into his flesh.
He opened his mouth to reassure the vampire that he hadn’t indeed hurt him, but stopped himself. These two men had already taken something from him. His ignorant bliss that he could truly be satisfied with a woman.
He didn’t need to give them any more leverage on him. If he stopped them biting him, perhaps that would lessen their control on him?
“I forgive you, of course, Malcolm, but please don’t do it again.”
The two men looked at each other with looks of pure horror, and guilt hit Jackson’s belly hard.
Jackson clenched his teeth against the need to undo what he had just done so merely nodded. He needed a small measure of control over this situation.
Malcolm smiled at him.
“That’s all right, Jackson. After we turn you, which will be soon, we won’t be able to feed from you, so it won’t matter.”
Shock crashed through Jackson.
“What?” He staggered to his feet, unable to believe what they had just said. They weren’t turning him into anything!
The two beautiful men both flew to their feet and moved close to him. He was overwhelmed and crowded, a feeling he neither liked nor was accustomed to.
Jackson held up his hands and pushed one against each of the vampires’ chest. The warmth burnt him, and his cheeks flamed with wanting them.
“Would you two just back off? I need to ask questions, and you being so close is not helping.”
They both grinned like he had given them the biggest compliment in the world. Perhaps he had.
“I’m sure you have lots of questions, Jackson, but we need to relieve our lust. Would you come home with us?”
Jackson swallowed. His body was throbbing with awareness. Despite his unnatural urges he had never actually thought he would be with one man, let alone two. It was wrong to want such a thing.
Eric continued. “If you aren’t ready to come to bed with us, then we can leave you and come back to see you tomorrow night.”
Pure and hot jealousy pumped through Jackson at the thought. These two beautiful vampires were going home to touch each other. Lick and fuck each other.
He had never been so angry at himself before. He wanted to go with them.
Eric stepped closer, taking a deep inhalation through his nose, and his eyebrows flew up in surprise. Could Eric tell how much he wanted them?
“If we promise not to bite you, would you like to come home with us? Join us? No one will ever know, Jackson.”
Jackson’s cock and nipples tingled at the thought. Tonight was the very first time he had been sexually satisfied in his whole life. What would it be like to bed the two men?
“I have never…” Jackson stopped, unable to finish his sentence. His face flushed red.
Malcolm reached out and picked up his hand, entwining their fingers in an intimate way. Heat travelled up Jackson’s arm and made him shiver.
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, Jackson. Just watch if you like. We want you but would never force anything on you.”
Jackson shuddered, the raw sexuality and need evident in both vampires.
“I would like to come with you … yes.”

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