Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Writing Mama!

First off, before I go into my post. I picked nicknames for my kids my oldest daughter will be referred to by pumpkin. My middle daughter firecracker and then my twin boys Phineas and Ferb anyone who has seen that cartoon will know what it is, and they remind me of my boys.

Now onto what happened this afternoon, Pumpkin came home from school and gave me her school work. I was looking over her graded papers, and she said "Oh, by the way, mom, I wrote a story today, it just came to me." I proceeded to question her to find out more. And found out it was during writing time, and she had computer time, so she opened word and started writing. She then told me "oh yeah I wrote 510 words." She left the kitchen and went into the living room, while I proceeded to pick my mouth off the ground. My husband said "that's your daughter." She's written stories before in notebooks, but never that long. I read it over and it's really good for her age, she's in the 3rd grade. We talked about it some more before bed, and I told her she did a good job. Pumpkin said it just sort of came to her, and she had to write it down. She said she wants to be a writer like her mama. That's my baby and mama couldn't be happier.



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