Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jumping In!

Well, I finally decided to take the jump and make a blog for my writing. I'll blog here about the ups and downs on my way to publication. So join me in the adventure of writing. I wrote some poems in middle school. By the time I got into High School, I'd stopped writing, but there were always stories and characters running around in my head. Last October I picked back up my writing, but not poems this time. The crazy thought that popped into my head was to write a novel. . Having no clue how to do it, I put it off for a few days, but the characters wouldn't shut up until I picked up a pencil and paper and started writing.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and got started. Things were going great. I wanted to write a YA (Young Adult) book because I have daughters and one that reads those books. Well, that went downhill fast on me. I mulled over it for a few days and still tried to get it to come together, but it wouldn't. My characters wouldn't behave; they wanted to hop into bed, and for me, I just couldn't write that into a YA book.

Two days later, a new idea for a book came to me, and I was off and running. There wasn't a day that the characters didn't talk to me, and things fell into place. It was then I realized that I was much better suited to write in the romance genre. Now I couldn't be happier. Since then, I've finished the manuscript, and it's currently on an editor's desk. I'm waiting to hear if they want revisions, or if they want a full manuscript (because right now they have first three chapters), or if they will pass on it. I've been busy working on the sequel in the series, and I couldn't be happier with how it's turning out.


  1. Welcome to the blog world, Twinkie! :-)
    My fingers are crossed for good things with your sub.

  2. Twinkie??? Hi, Elisabeth! I know you as Ally from the Harlequin threads but I had to jump over and visit your blog. We seem to have a few things in common. I, too started writing young adult in the 90's. But my kids are grown now and I'm rejoicing in having the time to write, whenever I feel like it. lol I penned my first complete adult novel last year in Feb, March. It took seven weeks. Then came the editing and the rejections. I've learned a lot since then, especially since I started getting feedback from editors. Last fall I wrote three more novels and a novella. I'm working on two others now.
    Be proud of yourself and what you've accomplished. It takes a lot of guts to put your writing out there. Good luck and happy writing.

  3. Hi Lorraine! Yes, my name is Ally, but I use the pen name of Elisabeth, since I have 4 little ones my husband asked me to do that. Plus there is already an author out there with my name and don't want to confuse anyone. Twinkie is a name that is used between us girls in the critique group that I belong to. That's great you have more time to write. Wow you were busy last year. I'm still learning to juggle writing and 4 small children it will be much easier next year when all four are in school. For now I write here and there when I get a spare moment. Thankfully, my husband is very supportive of my writing, and will take let me go into my office, and write when need to be while he watches the kids. When I submitted my first I thought I'd have a heart attack hitting the send button, but once I did it felt great. I wish you luck with your writing.

  4. I know how you feel with the characters not cooperating. I realized my paranormal romance was not going to be able to cut it as a YA when they kept cursing, drinking (all of age though), and quite lengthy sexy scenes. Instead, I've decided I'm not changing the story to fit it into that category - I'll write a different YA story instead ;)

    I would love to read about your process of finishing the novel, how you wrote your query letter, and what led to the editor asking for your first 3 chapters.

  5. I started out trying to write and put it in the category for a certain publisher I wanted to aim for. I've decided not to do that it stresses me out now, so I'm just writing, and once it's done then I'll look for a publisher. My second book in the series has taken a turn away from being a sweet romance to much faster pace. If they pass on it, I might have to rip out some of the story and add in a few things after my critique group reads it. That way it will tie into book two and three.

    The place that I sent my first three chapters to it was on their submission guide lines, they wanted a synopsis, and the first three chapter. So that's what I sent them. On Monday, it will have been there for 9 weeks.

  6. Hi Elisabeth, (Guess it will take sometime to get used to being called by your pen name)

    Checked this out from eharlequin. Nice blog.

    Thanks for sharing your "journey" out here. It always fascinates me to read about various writers, their thoughts and discussions. You can find me rambling at :

    Just hopping around, searching for the "follow button" in your blog !

    ::Waves:: to Lorraine

  7. Hi Ju,

    Yes it does take some time getting use to it. I'll check out your blog thanks for visiting mine.



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