Friday, August 27, 2010

Full Requested

Whew! It's been a crazy two weeks. It all started on Friday the 21st when I got a letter in the mail from a publisher. I never thought one person could be that freaking nervous about opening a letter. Well, that was me. I thought for sure it was a rejection and didn't want to open it. My husband told me to just open it and see. You'll never know until you do. So, with shaking hands, I opened it and couldn't believe what it said. I ended up reading it through a few times before it sunk in. Then I screamed and scared the crap out of my family. My husband crossed the kitchen floor and asked what was wrong. I couldn't form any words and keep saying "they, uh, uh... want the full." He took the letter to see what it said, because I was a mess and couldn't read it, not to mention I still had three chapters to edit and get to my critique group. (The you guys, you're awesome!)

I worked on it and got through all the edits including what they suggested. I went to put it on my jump drive to keep safe, and my three month old laptop's hard drive went out. To say I freaked out is an understatement. I'm still waiting on a tech to come out and replace the hard drive for me. Anyways, my loving husband brought up his computer from his studio for me to use. I spent Wednesday and Thursday with no sleep, getting this ready to send out and fixed. Thankfully, I had backed up the full manuscript and only had to edit the last three chapters over again. At a few minutes till midnight Thursday night, I was able to send it to the Senior Editor, who had requested it. I got my confirmation on Friday, and now the waiting game starts all over again. I've got my fingers crossed that they love it and want to publish it.

Now it's time to decide what to work on next, and I had every intention to work on the Runaway book. Heck, I was 34,000 words into it until the computer crashed. My jump drive only saved 23,730 of it; that's about three chapters for me to rewrite. I thought, no problem, I can do that in a couple of days. Then, during dinner on Tuesday night (I know, crazy time to get an idea for a book, but that happens to me all the time.) four more medical ideas came to me for books. I thought, okay, I will work on those once Steve and Lily's story is written. That's what I thought, but one story kept coming to mind, and then the characters started talking and wouldn't shut up. I've got the full book plotted out now, and have started chapter one, which is almost finished. I'm shocked that I plotted it out; I'm a panster when I write, so this is new to me.

So tell me, are you, a panster or a plotter with your writing?

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