Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I totally almost forgot to post today. I've been busy plotting with some friends on Chad and Katie's story. I've filled my storybooking board all the way now and no more holes left to fill in. Now all I need to do is get this dang thing written and off to my critique partners, before sending it to my editor. I also found my photo inspirations for Chad and Katie.

This week I've been working on getting guest blogs for when Road to Recovery comes out. I've also found what I'm going to be using for a giveaway on release day. So, I've been super busy this past week. Well, that's about it to report for this week.

Here's something I wrote this week while working on Katie and Chad's story.

Katie fumbled to find the knob for the cold water and twisted it all the way to the left. Ice cold water rushed across her body. She left it on for a moment hoping that it would drown out the heat that had crept into her at the thought of having Chad inside her again.


  1. Nice picture!I don't know if that's Chad or what his face even looks like... but apparently she's enjoying it and that's ALL I need to know. ;o)

    Congrats on having gotten all your plot points out and ready to go. I think that's always the toughest part and as a pantser I always have to do it during REVISIONS rather than upfront.

  2. Verrrrry nice.

    Eh, I'm in the middle of revisions. Always a toughie.

  3. Thanks! Nope that's not Chad maybe sometime I'll post my inspiration picture of him. I've found plotting it all out before hand makes doing revisions a breeze when it's time.

  4. Unless you change the story in the middle :-). And sometimes that just happens. But finished the book today so I'll take a week to wind down and then the week after that, I'll have another look. I DID keep a list of changes to be made as I rumbled along. It will be ready to go off to my editor in a couple weeks. That's always the YAY moment for me.



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