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Mindi Ferrari -Midnight Assassins

Today, I want to welcome fellow romance author Mindi Ferrari to my blog to talk about her new release, Midnight Assassins.

What is sexy about immortals?

Over the past 10 years there has been this huge craze with immortal characters from books and movies. But this questions raises much more than the obvious answer, it also brings out the question of why us as humans want to be immortal. What could science honestly bring to the table to make this Immortal dream of the average human come true. For most of us when we read a book we read about this amazing alpha male that makes our mouth water, then we read about his physical description and then when we reach his personality and find out more about his dark nature and his cocky behavior it adds even more to the sizzling desire that’s behind being immortal.

Being immortal not only means you get to live forever but he fun part about this immortal word is the person whether it be male or female had that, I’ve been there done that and I’m great at everything I do attitude. They have this drive for life and excel at everything they do. Even for us non-immortals when we come across someone that is good at everything and never fails, there is something that is to titillating about this attitude and aura that surrounds them, in turn it catches are eye. We want to be like them, and often find ourselves wanting to cherish their every action. Maybe this is why a lot of people daydream about their sexy immortal that they read about or watch on television. Immorality needless to say brings wisdom and good looks to a male or a female.

They get to live forever with the young age that they are. This is another good example about why I write about Vampires. There’s an obsession about this creature of the night that lives forever and sucks on your blood, that needs to feed off your tastes that you create in your body. The vampire takes you to places you dream of because they have been around for so long they know everywhere like the back of their hand. Their sex style is unparalleled to anything you will ever experience because they have not only got around over the centuries but they too are powerful and have a unlimited strength.

So the sexy immortal brings me to a great point in my book Midnight Assassins. Nicholie Telfair is the rarest of the vampire species because he was born a vampire, not made one. His personality matches everything that I have described above. So if you love the boarding sexy immortal types take a moment and read my excerpt and then go buy the book. I mean come on you won’t want to just stop a the teaser.

Excerpt Midnight Assassins

Nicky’s quiet factor was more than anyone could ever match. Standing there watching his beautiful woman drop her towel, then get dressed had him speechless.

The tension built even more as Nicky watched her body move, her contours, the way her hips moved. She had the perfect hourglass figure. His cock hardened the moment he watched her clench the top of the towel, unwrap it, and drop it to the floor. He couldn’t control his actions around her, and he found himself only wanting more. He also noticed the intense scent and fast heartbeat that she acquired whenever she was around him.

While he watched the way she dropped the towel, his growl deepened. He couldn’t take it any longer; the vampire side of him wanted out to ravish her body.

Nicky closed his eyes to calm himself. Breathe my man, just breathe. Before he could hesitate, he moved right up behind her. He was completely invisible, allowing every bit of light to pass through his body. He wanted a chance to inhale her intoxicating scent without her noticing, to have her up close, even moving his hands over the contours of her body. The song “Pain in My Heart” by Otis Redding, played over and over again in his mind. The only interruption became his fast breathing.

He stood there inhaling her scent, fresh lilacs, and her hair had a sweet candy scent, completely opposite of her body.

He watched as she pulled her hair to the side, the pulse in her neck made his fangs throb like a heartbeat. As she massaged her neck, he traced her neck with his finger, matching each of her movements perfectly. His eyes rolled back in his head with each breath he took. Mine. She had every single bit of him. He would do whatever she wanted. He would be whatever she wanted. Hell, he would even stab himself in the heart if she asked.

Stepping back a foot, he pressed his hands to the back of his head and stretched his elbows out to the sides. He watched as she put on her bra then the panties he’d picked out just for her. Another deep groan rose in his throat as she tugged on the tights, slowly smoothing each inch of material, gliding it over her porcelain skin and slipping into a pretty dress. She looked amazing in such a simple outfit.

Just as he was about to leave and give himself a better entrance, she paused and began to wipe at her face. Then she bent down, rested her hands on her knees as if she might collapse. Her face suddenly turned ghost white and she softly asked, “Who’s there?”

Right as she stepped forward, her hand brushed through the air. No time to waste anymore, no more games because he was terrifying her. She could obviously sense something all around her.

Before he scared her even more, he did something that was totally unthinkable in his race. He appeared right in front of her.

Clasping her hands over her mouth, she sucked in a breath and landed right in his arms.

“Now you did it, Nick. Now you fuckin’ did it,” he snapped. What the hell was he thinking, this wasn’t even an option earlier.

Carrying her to the bed, he laid her against the pillow, sat next to her and repeated her name. “Annie, wake up, Annie, please.” He continued to brush her beautiful long red hair away from her face.

Right as she opened her eyes, he knew she would beat feet, charge out of the room like a bull.

“You weren’t there before.” Her eyes were half-mast, her voice like heaven to his ears.

“Yes, I was there the whole time.” Her voice is so fragile.

“Wow, Nicholie, most men would have at least denied a little.”

“Why would I do that?” He tried to smile gently at her. Why isn’t she freaking out?

“You saw me naked, you watched me get dressed. We have no secrets. What now?” she cooed. “And how come I didn’t see you there?” He watched as she held her head.

“I’ve seen you naked before,” Nicky added on accident.

“You have?” Nicky nodded his head and gazed down at her.

When he first entered the room, he had all sorts of things to say to her, now however, he had none.

“That’s not what I’m asking, how long were you there? she demanded.

“For a long time, Annie. Does that bother you?”

Reaching up, she stroked his cheek sending shivers down his body and leaving goose bumps in their wake. “What are you doing?” He smiled.

“Checking to see if you’re real, because I know you weren’t there before.” Moving down his face, she went to his arm and then pinched his skin while pulling the hair on his wrist.

“Ouch—I really don’t think I deserved that.”

“No, you deserve a whole lot more.” She crinkled her brow, and paused staring right into his eyes, then pinched him again.

“That’s not funny, Annie, that shit hurts.” He laughed.

“That’s okay.”

“Oh really?”

“Really.” He watched as the simple motion of her tucking her hair behind her ear fascinated him. Being this obsessive over a female was completely unnatural for him. He told his father he was crazy and didn’t understand the love he had for his mother. Now he did. Now he completely understood why they looked at each other or talked to each other the way they did, but most of all, loved each other the way they did. It was something no one could explain. He knew this now.

But he knew the questions were coming, had to be coming. Whether he wanted to explain things to her first, or if she already had some idea, he didn’t know, but knew she’d want answers soon.

“Something is off about you, Nicky. Something huge.” Her eyes widened as their bodies got closer.

“You sure you want to know what the something is?”

You can find Mindi at her website and you can buy a copy of Midnight Assassins here.

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