Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Excerpt Tuesday

This week's excerpt comes from Raven McAllan and her debut book Wallflowers Don't Wilt.


One man looking for adventure. Can he persuade them that freedom comes in many forms, including three bodies entwined?

Ivo Daranton is bored. What he sees in a busy ballroom soon removes the boredom and replaces it with the thrill of the chase. His quarry? Serena and Arabella—Sappho-following, pinkie-linking, more than just friends.

Although they had not thought they were inclined to include a man in their lives, Ivo decides they are wrong: a man is needed, and that man is him. How he persuades them to give him and his idea a chance—or rather, how the ladies encourage him to persuade them—is as unconventional as the life they intend to lead.


He was bored and needed entertainment. No, be honest with yourself, Ivo. You need a ménage. Soon. For some strange, inexplicable reason, hopefully with these two.

High in the mountains of China on his varied travels, he was introduced to the delights of loving and being loved by two women at the same time. Seeing them fondle each other and him was his ultimate, nay his only, desire. One-on-one or with either sex—and in- deed, he had tried both—did not give him the satisfaction he desired. He could, and did, enjoy that conventional coupling on occasion, but the relief he gained was short-lived. As was the relief achieved solely with another male. Paying for the privilege, although sometimes a necessity, was also something he had no desire to do.

Therefore, once back in England, he was not often fulfilled. Luckily he was a master at self-help; however, now perhaps maybe fulfillment without that was near.

Ivo wondered why these two affected his cock when others hadn’t.

To get your copy of this book go to Breathless Press. Raven can also be found around the internet at her website, Facebook page and her blog

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