Sunday, January 29, 2012

This week I'm still using my book, Bound To Protect for my six. I hope you enjoy this little snippet. Thank you all for all the comments I got last week.

Katie paid for her drink and hurried out the door. “Since you didn’t answer my question, I’ll take it you haven’t gotten lucky in the past month. You still have a stick up your ass.”
“Why don’t you go talk to someone who actually wants to talk to you?” How had he gotten his coffee so fast? Katie had hoped to be able to get on the elevator before he made his way out.

You can purchase Bound To Protect from Evernight PublishingKindle,ARe and Bookstrand. If you would like to join in with some awesome authors go here.


  1. I can see the steam filling the air around them! Steam of anger and irritation...and something else :D

  2. Had to go to ARe and read the longer excerpt. Sounds very hot. Nice Six.


  3. sounds compelling...well done

  4. great pace. Well done.

  5. I can soo relate with your heroine's thoughts in this scene. I'm sure many of us can. Great six.

  6. Nothing worse than being foiled in your plan to get out of an uncomfortable situation. I like the way you avoided cliche in your line, “Why don’t you go talk to someone who actually wants to talk to you?” Good writing!

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I do try and not use cliches if possible.

  7. Talk to someone who cares? I love that! Great scene between them.

  8. Ouch! Talk about a shut-down. Fun six, Alyssa. :)



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