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Q&A With Arya Grey

Q&A with Arya Grey 

Alyssa: So, Arya how long have you been writing?

Arya Grey : I've been writing for most of my life, but it all started in High School, where I was lucky enough to attend one based on the arts. My Creative Writing teacher was and still is my biggest inspiration. So for nearly 12 years I've dabbled, but only started writing books 3 years ago. Time passes when you're having fun!

Alyssa: What made you pick writing horror?

Arya Grey: Horror describes me best. Just ask those who know me ;)

But on a serious note, I like to scare, and be scared. It puts a different spin on what could be a mundane story, and a good scare never hurt anybody! It's good for ya!

Alyssa: Are you the kind of author who needs a certain drink or snack nearby when writing? If so, what is it?

Arya GreyNot typically, but if I'm exhausted then a milky coffee and some Cadbury's chocolate fingers do me nicely. I try not to snack when I write because I pig out when I'm not at my computer! 

Alyssa: How has your life changed since becoming published?

Arya Grey: Well, I suddenly seem to have no time for anything! Ha!

Things are still very much the same. All that's changed is my workload, and how I spread out my available time. I love to write, and so I don't let anything get in the way of that.

Alyssa: What can you tell me about your newest release?

Arya GreyWell, what started as a fun exercise with a crit group, soon turned into soon-to-be published Anthology, that spans across 3 books and 12 authors! 'The Blood Bar Chronicles' follows 12 writers who meet at a bar, and by the end of the night their lives all change drastically.

I am the 4th story ('Perfect Timing') in the first book, entitled "The Blood Bar Chronicles, Book 1: The Alphas", where you'll meet Josie McNair, young, self-conscious and looking for a little excitement in her life. Well, she gets what she asks for when she meets the gorgeous, but strange, David Malm.  

Josie felt strange. A tingling sensation started inside her thighs and traveled up her spine. She gasped and barely h
eld back the scream of ecstasy that threatened to erupt. She crossed her legs and peered over the back of the booth, just as Noelle and Ana were doing, and saw a tall man with long sandy-blond hair and sea-green eyes. She wanted to ravish him
 and she had absolutely no idea why. Every woman in the joint had their eyes set on him, except for Arielle, who just looked confused.
A firm hand grasped her wrist
 and the only thing Josie saw as the world came to a stop around her, were blue-green eyes. Then she was spun into a vortex of wind and colors so bright she had to close her eyes for fear of being blinded. She shrieked at first, but calmed when warm hands spread across her waist and held her tight. She had to try with all of her strength not to throw up the glass of wine she'd drunk too eagerly.
After what felt like an eternity
 she finally felt ground beneath her feet. A cool, calm voice with a soft American accent spoke to her. "Are you okay, sugar? You look a little pale."
Josie opened her eyes
 and they met with an almost bare chest. The skin was smooth and a splattering of blond hair lay across it. She pushed back from him and looked up. He was smirking.
"What the hell?" She shrieked

and looked around. She was in an old house with antique furniture, yet it smelled like a new car. "Where am I?" She gasped as another wash of ecstasy rolled through her.

I've brought you to my house where you'll be safe," he said, still smirking. His eyes almost sparkled in the lights of the dining room. "Would you like a drink?"

I'd like you to tell me what's going on. What exactly am I safe from?" She demanded. 

Well, babydoll, I wish I knew. What I do know is that I couldn't leave you there salivating."

I...I feel..." She moaned. She sure as hell wasn't going to tell this fit-as-fuck stranger that she was close to having an orgasm, all because of some pretty boy. Now, the confident man in tailored clothes standing before her... he was her every fantasy. Hell, she was sure she'd written him into one of her books. She wondered what he looked like under his clothes, but snapped out of it.

You and every other gal in that joint." He went to a small bar, poured whiskey into a glass, and held it up to Josie. She shook her head in refusal, still trying to keep the wine down. "He must have some sort of call." He sipped from the glass.

How did we get here? And where exactly is here?" Josie asked and sat back against the long table. Every sense was on high alert. Did someone slip something into my wine?

Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?" His voice, low like a purr, sent shivers down her arms. She had hoped she would meet someone at the end of the night, maybe even go back to their place, but this was not what she had imagined. Of course, the man standing before her was pretty much her description of perfect, but something didn't feel right.

What about my friends? Are they alright?" Josie's voice shook as she said the words out loud, but his next words relaxed her.

Your friends are fine. I assure you." He pressed his lips to the glass once more and walked up to her. Josie held her breath, hoping that her amazing make-up was still intact, and watched his every move. Despite his height he walked with a certain grace, and his eyes told of the many things he'd seen in his life. "And you're okay, thanks to me." He traced his fingers lightly down her shoulder. Goose flesh broke across her pale skin, and she let out her breath.

Who are you?" She asked, leaning into him.

My name is David Malm." He smiled.


  1. this series is one to look out for. Arya scares me rigid.. I read between my fingers. BUT i DO read becaue she tells such a good story

  2. Ah David! *big grin*

  3. Nice excerpt, Arya! Well done. You know some of your stories scare me. lol



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