Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Excerpt Tuesday with Raven McAllan

This week I have Raven McAllan with her book To Please A Lady.

To Please a Lady by Raven McAllan

When your lovers are lovers themselves and want you to help them make the perfect triangle, what do you say? "Persuade me," of course!
Unconventional and happy, Hermione is in the enviable position of having not one but two lovers to attend to her every need. That her lovers are lovers themselves only adds to the equation.
Berry and Ran feel it's time to make all their various twosomes into one splendid threesome. Now all they have to do is persuade Hermione!
Being men, they are too impatient to wait for her answer.
Being a woman, she isn't going to be pushed, shoved, or coerced into saying anything until she is good and ready. Patience is a virtue, one her men needed to get.

Rosy nipples showed through the material, their darkened surrounds providing a guide to their presence. Lower, the shadow of dark curls hid her pussy, or was it that they showed the way to where it waited, impatient to feel the hard, usually impatient cocks that it welcomed? Oh, the joy of having no pretense, being able to be honest and open about her enjoyment of the act of lovemaking these last months, had been so satisfying; those to come promised to be even more so.
Tying the lowest set of ribbons, barely inches below those curls, Hermione could not control her compunction to sooth the throbbing concealed within. Her hand slipped beneath the ribbons and touched. She closed her eyes to feel with her senses. Ah, that first swirl through her curls and then the sheer pleasure of touching her now wet lips, finding her fingers coated with the evidence of her desire. The intensity of her feelings shot through her like lightening, and she gasped. Not from her arousal, however.
A swath of velvet covered her eyes.
As she caught her breath, soft hands feathered across her nape as the material was fastened. Then her hair was pushed to one side, and she experienced the press of lips, kissing where the ribbons from the velvet knot brushed her back.
"My love, you started without me? For shame. How shall I punish you?"
Her breath quickened. Her punishment had started! Knowing what those elegant hands were capable of and unable to see how they explored and excited her to ever more passion was punishment enough. As her tormentor well knew.
"You were late, my lord; the play started on time, alas without your attendance."
A soft laugh greeted her remark. "Ah, Mione-mine. I would be lost without you in my life. Shall I begin Act Two?"
Oh, if it so pleases you, and three, four, and five. However, never would she allow her eagerness to show.
You can get a copy of this great book at Amazon, Breathless Press and Bookstrand

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