Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Excerpt Tuesday

This week's Excerpt Tuesday comes from my newest release. It's a hot read from nine authors. It's already a bestseller on ARe and Bookstrand.

Bailey watched as her gaze darkened, his erection pressed
painfully against his shorts, and still he couldn’t let go of her. When she’d opened the door thirty minutes ago, he damn near choked on his tongue. Laura’s pink tank top caressed her chest and hips like a lover’s hand. The tight cut-off shorts she wore forced all the blood from his body south, and he moved the toolbox in front to hide his erection.
He hadn’t seen her properly in the seven years since his high school graduation. He had moved away for college and by the time he’d gotten back, she had moved away to college. They'd ran into each other at a mutual friend's party a couple nights ago. He'd thought the attraction would have been long gone, but no and this time it felt even stronger. He still loved her. When the hell did she get breasts?
And those hips would have any man falling behind her panting. He’d always thought she was pretty, but Greg had warned him back in High School not to look at her in that way.
Bailey reached around and grabbed her little waist, pulling her close. Her breath caught as she stared back at him. Slowly her tongue peeked out and moistened her lips. He desperately wanted to know how that tongue would feel on his cock.
“When did you grow up?” His voice sounded as if he’d swallowed gravel. His gaze drifted down her shoulders, to her perky breasts.
“It’s been a few years.”
When he reached around to remove her hair tie, her eyes never left his. Fuck, he should keep his promise to Greg, but having the reason for his late night wet dreams wrapped in his arms, made it hard to think of anything else. He’d lost count of how many times he’d fantasized about her. Laura’s breasts pressed against his chest, lighting his body on fire. He couldn’t take it anymore.
His right hand slid down her neck, past her shoulder, on a path towards her hips before he moved back over her taut stomach. Sliding two fingers over the soft side of her breast, she moaned. Bailey cupped her cheek, leaned in, and pressed his lips lightly against hers. Slowly he traced her lips in a silent plea to open.
As she obliged, he slanted his mouth over hers, peaches assaulted his senses. God, he needed more of her. Whatever blood he had left in his body went straight to his cock. With the next swipe of his tongue, he took the kiss deepen; her arms snaked around his neck. After a moment, she pressed her body closer to his and relaxed into the kiss. When had he ever gotten so lost in a kiss?

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