Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Before I get to my big news there's something I need to let my readers know. With a sad heart I won't be doing Eye Candy Monday anymore. Due to a blog post I read and doing some research on the matter I have decided to close it down. Roni Loren blogged about using pictures and what happened to her. I'm not going to go into details of it as you can read her post.

Basically, unless it's not free to use you can't on your blog or for anything for that matter. Are the chances high that it would be a problem? No, but I'm not taking the chance. It would be wrong for me to get mad at pirate sites having my books on them, and then use a photo that's not free to use. This includes going to google and grabbing pictures off of there. Roni gives some great advice and I suggest other authors read it as well.

Now onto my news...

Bound To Protect is going to print! I'm beyond thrilled about this. I don't know the paperback release date yet, but as soon I know I'll post the details.

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