Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sexy Snippet

Here's my Sexy Snippet for the week. Please visit the others by clicking the picture below. Enjoy! 

Kaily drew circles around her clit, feeling it pebbled into a hard bud. Her breathing grew harsh with each swipe across the head. With her other hand, she cupped her breast, wishing  her  hands  were  Master  J’s,   and soon they would be. No more pretending.
Master J- Are you doing as I asked? 
Kaily- Yes, Sir. 
The  need  to  come  came  crashing  hard  and  still  she  wouldn’t  unless  he allowed her.     


On a dare from her good friend, Kaily Summers goes onto a BSDM dating site where she meets Master Jason who's been mastering her body through a computer screen. In the safety of her home, she can let loose and be herself. She can indulge in the fantasy without risking her heart or at least she thinks so. Now he's set everything up to meet in person.
Jason has played with many subs since coming into the lifestyle. He’s never allowed anyone in his personal space, but something about her calls to him like no other. He’s certain he’s lost his mind, taking on one on-line, something he’s never done before. Some might call him crazy, but he feels the connection and wants her in his arms and life for good, but will their romance sizzle off the screen, or will they both end up heartbroken?



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