Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Excerpt Tuesday

Before we get to this week's Excerpt Tuesday, I have news to share. On A Dare has been nominated as Best BDSM Book over at Love Romances Cafe. Voting starts on Jan 10. I'll post the link as soon as it's posted.

This week's excerpt comes from On A Dare.


On a dare from her good friend, Kaily Summers goes onto a BSDM dating site where she meets Master Jason who's been mastering her body through a computer screen. In the safety of her home, she can let loose and be herself. She can indulge in the fantasy without risking her heart or at least she thinks so. Now he's set everything up to meet in person.
Jason has played with many subs since coming into the lifestyle. He’s never allowed anyone in his personal space, but something about her calls to him like no other. He’s certain he’s lost his mind, taking on one on-line, something he’s never done before. Some might call him crazy, but he feels the connection and wants her in his arms and life for good, but will their romance sizzle off the screen, or will they both end up heartbroken?

Making their way inside the bedroom, he placed her on her feet. She felt his muscles bunch as her body slid along his. His erection rested at her stomach. Heat pooled deep inside of her. Fear fluttered through her mind, but honestly she had nothing to worry about. They’d played many times online. This time was for real––finally.
“I want you to take off your clothes, fold them, and then hand them to me. Understand?” “Yes, Sir.”
Grabbing the hem of her dress, she lifted it up and over. Jason’s gaze never wavered, watching every move she made as he always did on cam. Undressing her with those deep chocolate brown eyes which took on a darker tint. She folded the dress, took her bra and thong off doing the same.
“Good girl. From now until you come you’re to call me Master J. No talking unless you’re
screaming, moaning or screaming my name.”
Kaily nodded not trusting her voice at the moment. Her nipples pebbled with each command that came from him. He’d not touched her and yet she felt moisture starting to drip down her legs. How could he make her so needy, with just a few words?
“Spread your legs. That’s it. Good girl.” He dropped to his knees, stroking her inner thigh. Leaning in, he licked up her juices. The first touch of his warm lips sent jolts through her body forcing her to jerk closer to his mouth. Slowly, ever so fucking slowly, he ran his tongue up her leg and his thumb found her tight little nub and started rubbing. His other hand kneaded her breast, pinching and pulling at her nipples. Need soared from her body. She needed more of him, needed him deep inside of her, filling her.
Son of a bitch. He’d touched her for less than five minutes and already her body had lit up like a Christmas tree. Jason replaced his fingers with his mouth. Oh. God. The man knew how to use his tongue. Biting down on her lip and hoping to stop the orgasm that came roaring closer. It was no use, Jason didn’t show any mercy as he licked her from slit to clit and back. He pulled her clit into his mouth and bit down gently. The assault on her breast stopped and she almost protested from the loss of sensation.
Kaily grabbed his shoulders to steady herself. Fire rushed to her clit, her breathing grew faster along with her orgasm. Jason lifted her leg over his shoulder opening her up more. Every part of her tingled, ached for his touch.
“Come, my sweet pet. I want you to give me your cream.”

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