Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sexy Snippets

Those of us at The Nuthouse Scribblers have come up with a new idea, "Sexy Snippets." Join us each Sun as we post seven sentences from a work in progress, a new release or an older release. To read everyone else's, click the picture below.

Here's my sexy snippet for the week. Enjoy!

Alex’s knuckles brushed against her cheek, and even though she told herself not to lean into his touch, she did anyway. If only her heart would listen and tell him to go to hell and get away from her, but it wouldn’t. She sighed. She gave into his touch and let it wash over her again. He smiled down at her with the crooked sexy smile that always made her heart skip a beat, and it was no different when he did it now. He leaned down, his mouth a breath away, and she held hers waiting to see what he’d do next. Ever so slowly his lips brushed against hers like an angel’s kiss, and she didn’t feel his mouth against hers anymore.


Tasha Thomas's life has been turned upside down. One day at work she finds evidence that her boss, the mayor, is heading up a sex ring. She’s in over her head. He sends his men after her for knowing too much information, so she runs to her husband Alex for help.

Alex is shocked to see his wife, who left months ago, on his doorstep. He's never gotten over her leaving. Now he vows to protect her with his very last breath. Except all the evidence points to her being guilty of being the head of the sex ring his FBI team has been trying to bring down. Can he prove her innocence and show her that they still belong together before he loses her for good? 

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