Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love All Year Contest!

is holding a contest on her blog today. To celebrate Brazilian Valentine's Day, she's having a love scene contest this weekend, judged by literary agent Weronika Janczuk, of Lynn C. Franklin Associates, Ltd.!

Here's the rules.

To enter this contest, you should post a love scene from a finished manuscript on your blog this Sunday, June 12th. The excerpt must have a maximum length of 750 words, but it could be less if it ends on a hook (remember, sometimes less really is more). There is no minimum word count. To find out more or to sign up go here.

So here's my entry.

She had felt the connection as well. Her chest rose and fell, her breath had caught. Taking a step closer, energy zinged between them, and reaching out Chad pulled her flesh against his body. Her mouth opened slightly on a gasp, her hands rested against his chest. “Do you even know what your touch does to me?”

“No.” The whisper fell from her mouth as she zeroed in on his lips, before pulling back to his face.

“It makes me burn so damn bad. That I’ve got images of bending you over this sink and taking you right here right now.” She trembled in his arms. With his foot he pressed it between her legs, and spread her legs with his knee. With a curse he leaned in and took possession of her mouth as he pressed a hand under her ass to push her closer she moaned into his mouth. What was it about this woman that he couldn’t get her out of his system?

He got hard whenever she walked into a room. She didn’t need to say a word to him, just her presence did that. It had been this way for four years and he’d hoped it would eventually go away, but now that seemed unlikely. Sure, he’d had hard-ons before, plenty of times when a good looking woman walked into a room. This kind had never happened before; he was so hard he could pound concrete. He knew something was different about Katie.

He continued to eat from her mouth, taking the moan that slipped from her lips. Her arms slipped around his neck as her body relaxed into him. Just the way he liked her, relaxed and so responsive, unlike she was at other times. He could feel her arousal down into his toes, and need tightened in his stomach. Pulling back he rested his forehead against hers. Their breathing was labored and her emerald colored eyes turned darker.

“What was that?”

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