Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Excerpt Tuesday: Reluctant Revenge


Nash was bound to her completely – by a blood connection and a deep desire. An Enforcer for the Supranormal community, he was obligated to protect the sexy assignment from those who coveted her future Angelic abilities, but can he forgive the woman whose family had devastated his world?

Sienna, upon the realization she'd been betrayed by her family for keeping her birthright a secret,seeks solace in the arms of her surly and reluctant protector; a demon hybrid with a secret of his own. Can she come to terms with her destiny after discovering that she could be as dangerous as those Nash was protecting her from?


"I feel different." The words tumbled from her lips towards him.

Sienna stared at the man who'd just sworn to protect her. His hair was the colour of chocolate and it draped sexily down almost covering one eye with a wavy strand. She'd noticed him before – how could she not have – but this was on a whole other level.

With a body that ached and throbbed with obvious desire, Sienna had the sudden urge to reach out to him, to trail her fingers down his skin. How could her body betray her so quickly? Her fear was pushed away as something more primal overtook her.

Nash stood watching her with hooded eyes.

She reached up and wiped blood off of his jaw. Sienna knew it was her own blood that lay on his skin but instead of retreating away from it, she embraced the slight heady, erotic feeling that bubbled up and nudged her. Why would she find blood erotic? Had she finally fizzled something crucial in her mind? The way she'd been acting, it wouldn't surprise her.

On tip-toe, face to face, lips to lips with the man who didn't touch her except to hold one of her hands very lightly, she watched him from centimetres away. Sienna could have touched him so easily from there. She could taste him already.

"Your blood saved me, didn't it?"

Registering surprise he nodded quickly and her heart jolted. How she'd known it, she couldn't have told anyone. "You healed me, didn't you?"

"Yes." His voice was low and moisture gathered in her knickers at the erotic sound. Sienna took in a deep breath and attempted to shake the trance like hold his body had on her own but it didn't work.

Sienna needed him so bad it was like he was the water for her fire. Nothing could quench this thirst she felt. Nothing but him.

Lips moulded and became one in Sienna's eyes when she couldn't resist touching him any longer. Her stomach clenched in delight at the lust she witnessed in his eyes which was surely reflected in her own. Sienna felt brazen and sexy and adored and she wanted everything that Nash's kiss was offering her – and that was more than she had ever imagined a kiss could do.

They were one and the same and everything was right and good. Her mind jumbled full of emotions and fears of lust and promises and –

"We're connected?" Sienna pulled away from his mouth far enough to speak but Nash stepped away fully and the distance felt like a chasm.

Reality finally cleared the lust from his eyes as his face hardened. "Not as far as I'm concerned we're not. And we never will be." Nash turned on his heel and walked back to his side of the car.

You can purchase Reluctant Revenge from Pink Petal Books. Xandra James can be found around the net at these places, website and Facebook

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