Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Excerpt Tuesday

This week's Excerpt Tuesday comes from my friend and fellow publishing sister, Lorraine. Be sure to check out her debut book, the first in her Thunder Creek Ranch Series.

Two cops have been murdered, two convicts escape. Samantha Muldoon and Blake Northrup pair up to protect their friends. Will their attraction to each other hinder their effectiveness or distract them from their job? Can it grow into something lasting, or will previous hurt keep them apart?


    Sam and Blake are attending the season’s end barbeque hosted by Luke and Zakia Manning at Thunder Creek Ranch.

    “Enjoying the party?” Blake asked.
    “Yes. There’s certainly a good turn-out.”
    The band struck up a waltz to slow things down and he rose to his feet, holding out a hand. Sam knew that being held in his arms was dangerous, but without a doubt, it would be delightful, too. She took his hand and allowed him to lead her to the makeshift dance floor.
    Dancing with Blake had every one of her hormones on full alert. His moves were sure and masterful, leading her around with no trouble to follow his steps. She felt as if she glided on air, her feet barely touching the floor.
    When the next song proved even slower, he held her so close she could feel every beat of his heart as it thundered in her ear. Blake was a good head taller than she was, her cheek coming to rest against his chest as they danced. All her life she’d hated being short, until she’d found the perfect fit in Blake’s arms. With him, she felt petite and cherished.
    She became aware of his hardened length pressed against her belly and her nipples beaded in response. It had been such a long, long time since she’d been intimate with a man. Fear of seeing the disgust, or worse, pity, in their eyes when they looked upon her naked body for the first time, had kept her celibate since her accident. In truth, until meeting Blake, her desire had lain dormant, like a closed door to her very soul.
    Now, she was all woman, with a woman’s wants and needs the like of which she’d never experienced. Her awakening due to the man holding her gently yet firmly against his heart, maybe it was time to start living again—to feel the flush of heated skin against skin as they succumbed to their attraction for each other. He was interested. She knew that. Had known since that first day on the ranch when they’d all arrived to help Luke protect his wife, Zakia, from a crazed stalker.
    “Sam?” His husky baritone sounded in her ear.
    “The… uh… dance is over.” He chuckled. “Intermission. As much as I enjoy holding you, maybe we could sit for a spell?”       
    “Oh! Okay.” She’d been so lost in thought, she hadn’t been aware of anything except Blake’s body against hers. “Want me to walk in front?” she teased.
    He grinned. “Please do. Being this close to you has an obvious effect on my libido.”
    “Yeah, I noticed,” she said, allowing her hand to trail down over the ridge in his jeans as she turned to start walking back to their table.

 You can purchase Covert Mission: Undercover Cop from Evernight Publishing. Lorraine can be found around the net at her website, blogFacebook and Twitter

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